I wait for the rope to hit me while I’m jumping nonstop.

I wish for the rope to hit me while I’m jumping nonstop.


Revolutionary girl.

I’m back to track.

The one I used to be is not coming back.
And I want to keep it like that.

We are no longer attached by fear
Either it being rejection or

Guess it was just this, huh.


I know who I wanna be.
No one can stop me.
I’m fierce.
I’m bold.

I desearve the world.

There’s not a single person able to tell me the worst.
A blank page I’m about to compose
You can either accompany me
Or not be a part of this revolution at all.

I’m rising, there’s no scape,

You will see me shine.


Sharpening the knives.

I wanna write.

I sit in front of the screen
But I deslike it fondly.
I’d rather use a pen
Or a type-machine or my

I’d rather sharp my knife
And go out

get some scars

Or just find them

Along the way.

All of them became doctors
In this wide world of opinions.

I liked it better with no screen at all,

But hey, at least
at least

At least. AT LEAST?

I find myself in apathy
I don’t mind.
Minding is a side effect to those opinions.
When there are too many, we end up minding them a little tiny

too much.

Much more than what they worth.
I wrote. I Spoke. I kicked. I choke.
Still here. Still here. The same,
at least.

At least I’m the same.

The records, the smile, the memories.

“You’ve changed”

I mind.
I don’t.
I mind.
Not anymore.

Sharp your knives, never mind, get out and go get some scars.



I can too live in anger. 
In the dephts of despair, followed by my own flames, result from your vile actions.

I can too live in hatred. 
In the deep forest of dreams that never came true, in the thoughs of not ever being with you. 

People forget we’re not alone. People forget that anyone is bound to make mistakes, as much as we do ourselves.
We sometimes forget our own, but can never forget others’.
Or some of us tend to forget others’ mistakes, but never ours’.

None is wrong. People’s actions are due to their habits, their late experiences, they all have their own reasons, but so does you. We all do. We’re all right and wrong. So why not forgive? Why can’t we forgive others, or even ourselves, for making so many mistakes…

We can too live in peace. 
On a cozy bed after a good night of sleep ou heartwarming welcome from a friend. 

We can too live to love. 
Into the eyes of a stranger’s smile, a dog bark in the distance or the everyday look in the mirror. 

We can too do it all, meet new feelings, make them grow, transform our soul, into each other’s best or worse.
We are no good or evil, we are bound to learn and to teach, to make mistakes and fogive.


Let yourself be. 

Notes on feelings – 01

Day 01:
“Sirens burning in my ears.
I think of you.
Are you okay? Are you alright?
Are you eating well?
It’s been less than 24 hours tonight.”

This is gonna get harder, but I’m focused. In order to get what I want I must keep on trying and doing my best.
There’s not a single moment my mind is filled with any other thing but you, but I’m used to it, it’s been like it for a long time, it helps me not to feel so lonely, and honestly this is a feature I do not intend to abandone.
While I’m missing you, I’m writing songs, painting, dancing, singing…the feelings I have inside are turning into art, and that’s also thanks to you, who’s been always the reason to make my heart move.

I’m scared about the greatness of this feeling, we’ve been trough so much, and yet I can only feel more and more like a magnet towards you.

“Things do not need to end.
As we were always told they do.
I chose to do my best
To make it all come true.”